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How To Negotiate the Perfect Offer

How to Negotiate that Perfect Offer Buying commercial real estate is not just a one-step easy process. It can take time, resources, and you may run into a few speed bumps along the way. But at the end of the day there is one thing that stays constant and that

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How To Manage Your Commercial Property

How to Manage Your Commercial Property Managing a commercial property can come with many challenges, but if done correctly it can also reap many financial rewards. New property owners to experienced ones can benefit from these 7 tips on successful property management: Regular Maintenance Matters Good building and property maintenance

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Dollar General Asset Bundle

An asset bundle consisting of three Dollar General locations situated in Green Sea, Longs and Effingham, SC have been brokered by H.B. Springs Co. Commercial Real Estate.   Each location features a 9,100 sf retail building with varying long-term leases in place.   Dollar General bears a Baa2 credit rating per

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First Time Commercial Real Estate Purchaser

Getting your toes wet for the first time in the world of commercial real estate can be nerve-wracking and intimidating. Before you make that big decision, make sure you cover all the groundwork of finding the right property. By covering all the bases, you will be more confident in yourself

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Among the many means of evaluating return on investment, Cap Rates are based on income generated by the investment. Net operating income (NOI) are those funds remaining after the receipt of all income less all operating expenses associated with the asset, before the servicing of debt.  NOI is then divided by the

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Analyze Return on Investment for Commercial Real Estate

A good question many new Myrtle Beach commercial real estate investors ask is “what is a good expected rate of return?”   The answer really depends on several factors, including market diversity, market saturation, the location or geography of the investment property, and market conditions in Myrtle Beach, which obviously fluctuate. All

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