Asset Management

HB Springs Commercial Real Estate Asset Management

Maximizing return on the commercial real estate investment is key to maximizing value. Through a careful and strategic review of our clients asset portfolio, we determine ways of minimizing costs while improving operational efficiency.

This corporate mission is to produce revenue enhancing alternatives designed to exceed client expectations relative to budget management. This involves analyzing the asset, implementing programs, preparing objectives, economic analysis, physical plant inspections and planning.

Managing approximately 1,000,000 square feet of retail, office, warehouse and flex space throughout the Grand Strand area, we possess extensive commercial management experience utilizing advanced and integrated informational and accounting systems. Each member of our team brings 30 years of proven strategies of lease negotiation, performance and enhancement, maximization of income and expenditure control.

Our program is full service, providing leasing services, supervision and management to include rent collection, tenant relations, evictions, account payables, disaster protection and property maintenance. The systems we utilize are seamless and comprehensive; each designed to make the role of being a Landlord as care free as possible.

Leasing Services –
• Comprehensive Lease Contracts
• Annual Legal Review of Standardized Agreements
• Pro-Active & Aggressive Marketing Plans
• Experienced Negotiation Strategies
• Assertive Self-Help Landlord Lease Provisions

Lease Administration – 
• Proprietary Tenant Database Management System
• Lease Enforcement Procedures Established To Collect Rent

Financial Administration –
• Develop Annual Property Operating Budgets
• Monthly Landlord Statements & Aging Reports
• Real Estate Tax Appeal Service
• Year-End Tenant Re-Imbursement Reconciliation
• Year-End Operating & Financial Statements

Maintenance –
• Volume bidding for lowest service & contract prices
• Regular property inspections to ensure quality
• Service contract administration and enforcement
• Routine & Preventive Maintenance Procedures

Accounting –
• Flexible software and reports
• Full financial data for income, expense & control reports
• Budget to actual monthly income and expenses reports
• Banking reconciliations Auditing staff and procedures

Internal Accountability –
• Measurement tracked through leading indicators: Account Receivables Lease Renewals Operating Expense
• Annual Tenant Reconciliations
• Tenant Retention & Relations
• Landlord Reports Timing & Accuracy

These concepts and practices are founded on professionalism, integrity, accountability and quality service. Our goal is to maximize the return on investment while maintaining the asset at the highest standards in order to attract quality tenants.

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