Understanding Land Entitlement

People purchase land for many reasons but in majority of cases one factor stays the same: their intent is to develop it. This is where land entitlement comes into play, a process required prior to being able to develop land.

What is land entitlement, why is it important and what key role does it play in the development process?

To start, it is the legal procedure of obtaining approval for your development plans. Although it may be time consuming and expensive, it will help you determine what can and can’t be done with your property. Understanding the permitted uses will only save you headache and money in the long run. However, the outcome can either be positive OR negative as it may put a halt to the project you had in mind. Essentially you are creating a legal agreement between you and the governing municipality on what you will be building.

Plans must be approved by the local governing authority. An array of questions, details from engineers, architects and other professionals are required to determine what exactly it is you have in mind for your project. It’s in your best interest to be prepared for this step as it can either hinder or accelerate your project from that point forward.

Entitlements vary from property to property and from governing agency to governing agency. A few such issues that may arise are as follows: rezoning, zoning variances, use permits, utility approvals, road approvals, landscaping.

A key element to success in this process is the engagement of an experienced entitlement team to help you through the process. Be prepared, dependent on the use and any number of factors, the process can take up to a year. As burdensome as it may seem, it is absolutely necessary.

H.B. Springs Co., can provide professionalism, knowledge and experience to navigate this burdensome process. Don’t be mistaken, this process is often a negotiated one as well as having the opportunity to be politically charged and often met with community opposition. H.B. Springs Co. can aide in assembling a team to move the process quickly as we understand all the ins and outs of the process. H.B. Springs Co. relationships with the area officials can assist in seeking and obtaining approval.

The land entitlement process can be a lengthy and exhausting one but just remember that it will keep you out of trouble in the end. Utilize your resources and seek the professional help of H.B. Springs Co. to make a difficult process an easier one.

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