10 Skills That Make A Good Property Manager


Commercial property managers tend to have specific skillsets that afford them the ability to maintain positive tenant relationships while taking on and solving complex issues that are faced when managing a building.

The following skills set H.B. Springs Co. apart:

  • Understanding Complex Issues


Commercial property is not just cut and dry. There are many factors that come into play, some more difficult to understand than others. We are able to understand any one of these issues and determine how one choice may affect another. In short, we are capable of looking at the broader scheme of things.


  • Analyzing Financials


At the end of the day it all comes down to money. A solid business and financial plan can positively impact your property and finances. H.B. Springs Co. is able to enhance these factors over time such as budget, cash flow, expenditure, and not limit them.


  • Lease Negotiation Skills


Lease negotiations are always changing based on current market trends and future ones. Being familiar with and excelling at negotiating leases are but a few of H.B. Springs Co. strong suit. This creates a positive impact on your investment in the long run.


  • Accurate & Detailed Reporting


Providing landlords with regular, detailed, and financial reports on how a property is performing as well as routine property condition reports outlining key property management conditions.


  • Regular Landlord Contact


Keeping a landlord informed is key to establishing a good relationship. H.B. Springs Co. regularly keeps in touch with the landlord and lets them know how the property is functioning.


  • Regulating Tenants


Each tenant varies and some may need more attention or control than others. H.B. Springs Co. commercial lee is reviewed annually by outside legal counsel and updated according to current market standards or conditions to further protect our landlords. We assemble all the pertinent information regarding tenants via our lease application and credit review process. We have the ability to comprehend any lease and how to interpret it in certain situations.


  • Risk Management


Property risk arises from many different sources and can change directions at any time. H.B. Springs Co. makes a concerted effort to manage this risk and knows how to handle it should problems arise. Tenant operations, customer access, and property use are just few places where risk may arise. We maintain a risk management plan to assess any issues.


  • Facility Management and Maintenance Control


You never know when maintenance issues or needed repairs may arise. Their impact can vary from light to high. H.B. Springs Co. knows what to do in these situations and how to stay compliant with the landlord’s wishes which can sometimes pose a challenge.


  • Documentation of Property


Lease documentation is important because it can protect you when difficult tenants or questionable business operations arise. The lease will protect your overall investment and also help establish optimized income and return. H.B. Springs Co. fully understand the functions of the lease and documents activities that occur on the property.


  • Personal Organization


A typical property manager will have a million things thrown on their plate at once with little details here and little details there. Organization and a good recording system are critical. Each will help things run smoothly not just for H.B. Springs Co., but the tenants and landlords as well. If issues arise, we have the ability to handle situations smoothly and effectively.


Does Your Current Management Possess These Characteristics? H.B. Springs Co. Commercial Real Estate property managers play a key role in keeping a property up and running. Our skills benefit the landlord and the tenants with the ability to see things through and acting as an important resource with the ability to handle any and all scenarios thrown their way.

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