How To Sell Your Commercial Property

So, you’ve decided to sell that piece of property once and for all. In a vast market, it’s important to make your property stand out amongst all the others. Check out these tips on how to not only quickly sell, but for that price you want!

The physical appearance of your property is the first thing a potential buyer will see and can really sway their opinion on whether or not it’s a suitable buy for them. With that in mind, curb appeal is important! Spend some time sprucing up the landscape, cleaning windows, and perhaps adding a new coat of paint. Enhancing the buildings outside appearance not only gives a good first impression but positively affects your sale price.

Potential buyers will always remember that wow! Factor. Having an organized, clean, and well-maintained property space is key. Keeping your property maintained inside and out will also give the buyer reassurance that they won’t potentially be purchasing a huge mess which could require much renovating and be a future liability.

Pricing is likewise a key component to selling your commercial property. It’s important to have a pricing strategy that’s effective and accurate. Conduct research on the properties around you, see what the competition offers and the qualities that come with it. Amenities, location, lease rates, and sale dates are all important aspects to consider when deciding on a selling price. From an investor’s point of view, they will be most interested in the property’s ability to generate income. By doing your research you’ll be able to see how you stack up to competition, as well as how this compares to market sales dates of closed transactions.

Before you’ve even begun to market your property, make sure you know your investor. Start by confirming all your listing information is correct. This will help negotiate a strong contract in the future. Be sure to know your investor’s preferences in order to determine where you stand before approaching them. Always be honest in highlighting your property’s attributes as you want to put yourself in the investor’s shoes. Consider providing demographics as these can be beneficial to the investor as well.

Selling a property can be a lengthy process with many ins and outs that need to be covered. If you have not already engaged the services of a seasoned and knowledgeable broker, this is the time to find one you can partner with. Your broker will have the skills and knowledge to help the process move smoother and find that perfect client via extensive network and marketing strategies. When choosing a broker, you may want to consider the following: knows their local market, strong community presence, embraces technology and attracts buyers. The key to finding the perfect partner, however, is that they always have your best interest in heart over everything else.

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